Why I love startups

I (very much so) love working with startups. After building a few startups myself, I can say with confidence that there is something unique about taking a concept from the back of a napkin to a working lean company.

Startups are not like a traditional large corporation, well for starts there are only a few dedicated entrepreneurs headstrong on making someone’s life easier or more enjoyable (hopefully). Of course with this come benefits as well as difficult hurdles.

I help startups solve at least one of these hurdles, namely product development. But before we talk more about that, let’s talk about some of the hassles you’re going to be facing as you begin this journey. 

Hassle of building your initial product

Build a business is hard, building a tech startup is even harder. If that wasn’t enough software development is hard, and chances are you didn’t study computer science in college so when you think software your eyes might glaze over and start thinking “what did I get myself into?” 

As an entrepreneur, it is not recommended that you yourself take on both these obstacles. If you try and divide yourself between building the “business” and building the “product”, most likely both will suffer.

It’s hard enough to build an API, but to try and debug that frontend bug that driving your customers crazy is next to impossible. Now, this is why it helps to have a CTO but being that those are getting increasingly more difficult to find. What’s a founder like yourself to do?

Benefits of working with a freelancer 1-on-1

Working with a freelancer, you get to stop worrying about much of the tech and get to working on the model. Even better you don’t have to give away any extra equity and put that towards getting strategic team members not just someone who can code (although that still helps).

The freelancer is able to manage the project without your input 24/7 and a good one will even monitor for bugs, uptime, etc.

This is my role.

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple, it all starts with an initial project brief via email. Assuming I think it’s something I can provide value on, I’ll schedule an initial video conference with your team to go over specifics and go over budgets, timeframes, etc.

From there, we’ll dial down contracts, times for project updates, get project management all setup, and other admin stuff.

Then I go to work. You focus on building a successful startup. But that doesn’t mean silence. I work with you along the way to ensure the product and business are working with each other not against each other by utilizing agile methodology as opposed to traditional waterfall development that often leads to wasted capital (which startups usually don’t have an abundance of).

What’s next?

Click below to reach out with a project brief or if you have any questions on how to get started.